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drinkwithmegrantaire said: COMMISSION FOR TENNANT'S BUTT *cackling in the distance* now you have to look up reference pics what a shame bye

OH MY my my my *blushes* I mean how AWFUL now I must look at all these reference photos what a shame indeed *hrm hrm* I mean there’s just so much material how can I POSSIBLY choose oh dear me
The Tennant Tush is my new favourite thing in the whole of time and space

mum would be so proud to know what I use my skills for

(sorry the hands are rubbish, but they werent really my focus)

My lovely friends share their nicknames with some awesome fictional characters- and here they all are.
- As I drew these I also realized that they actually have alot in common with their fictional counterparts *giggles*

*ahem* Like I’ve said before- If you’re friends with someone who likes to draw you WILL find yourself on paper alot.

used ref photos for all these I mean look at those fucking poses are you kidding me

The doctors Captain Jack for my Captain JackThis was drawn in blue pen but my scanner made it black/white?!
Scribbles- i dont know why i always take it out on David. I Think he’s my favourite.
"Why wont you tell me?" Shani asked. "I don’t have the heart." Agatha looked away, as she always did when they talked about it. "Or perhaps I have too much,” she whispered to no one in particular. “Silly me.”Shani hugged her tighter. “What does that even mean?”She didn’t answer.
Thank you for for brightening up our childhoods Mr. Williams. Rest in peace.
Naked Grantaire in apron and pouty Mcpouty Face EnjBased on this fic by the wonderful drinkwithmegrantaire

I really enjoy buying a new sketch block, ESPECIALLY from this brand because I see it as a challenge to transform the printed thing on the front(first picture)

Karen Gillan is amazing as Nebulago watchNow
This is gonna be a good Night